Listening to… ‘Scared of the Dark’ – Steps

EDM and House seems to dominate the charts these days and I feel that you just can’t listen to the charts without having that sound appearing in at least 20% of the songs and while I don’t mind the EDM and House genres sometimes, I’d much rather listen to songs like ‘Scared of the Dark’ by Steps.

Now I might have been born in 1998 and Steps might have released their first single 5,6,7,8 in 1997 but their singles are true childhood classics and it’s a ‘Tragedy’ that ‘Scared of the Dark’ only reached number 37 in the UK Singles Chart despite it reaching number 1 on the iTunes Store. I remember listening to the audio for ‘Scared of the Dark’ ages ago and what struck me is that this wasn’t trying to be modern or current and that is partly why I really love this so much. Maybe that’s why it connected with so many people; it throwbacks to nineties and noughties pop that so many people grew up with.

Faye opens the video in front of a wind machine, Lisa’s in front of some fire and Claire has sparks coming from her chest; you know that Steps want to make a triumphant comeback. With their vocals on point, Faye and Claire shine through the first verse before we reach the first chorus and they drop the red clothes and change into almost futuristic black and gold outfits as well as the first of many dance sections! Lisa has a verse before Claire dazzles with her vocals at 1:50 and it’s the part I listen to again and again. Another chorus flies by and then we’ve got lots of visual light effects which feels the most modern part of this video by far. The last chorus comes with a key change and shots of each member letting you know they mean business.

The chorus throwbacks to the classic noughties disco pop which I grew up with and its classic retro feel is why so many people thought that Steps should enter Eurovision 2017 instead of Lucie Jones and ‘Never Give Up On You’. The choreography in the chorus is just so Steps-y with all five members performing a cheesy yet easy to learn routine but it’s so Steps-y that I forgive them. No twerking or slut drops, just ultimate squad goals! These are the kind of dance moves that you want your kids to learn by heart! Although Lee did look the least comfortable with the dance moves, all 5 of them were bringing the choreography to life and they look determined to make their comeback! And the chorus is just so goddamn catchy! I dare anyone not to have tried to do the dance immediately after!

What did you think of ‘Scared in the Dark’? Did it remind you of nineties/noughties music? What were your first impressions of the song? What’s your favourite ever Steps song? Let me know!!

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