Watching… Line of Duty Episode 4


I’ve been watching Line of Duty for a week now, binge-watching all of Series 3 and 4 up to episode 3. Last night I watched episode 4 and it was completely what I expected; I was left confused and I shouted at the screen more than once. Let’s take a look back at some of the key moments.




The moment we all waited for was to see whether DS Steve Arnott made it out alive. I’ll be honest, I thought who can survive after a battering and a push and fall down 3 flights of stairs and it turns out that DS Steve Arnott can! He can’t remember much unfortunately but will he remember anything about his attacker or will the attacker return to finish off the job? I hope not because I want a fifth series!

Nick Huntley certainly seems to be the obvious choice for Balaclava Man and AC-12 believe it to be him however he’s such a weak character in comparison to Roz that for me it just cannot be him. The scene in the car suggests Nick is inferior to Roz, who is much more strong-willed and determined than Nick. Signs of an abusive relationship when Roz hits Nick only serve to emphasise this. Roz hates not being in control and we saw that in the interview. She turned the tables around so fantastically accusing Superintendent Hastings of sexism and causing DC Jamie Desford to have a slip of the tongue. Even though we’re not meant to like Roz and be on AC-12’s side, that was just brilliant.

I think the biggest twist of the episode was seeing PC Maneet Bhandra hand over files to ACC Derek Hilton after he meets with DCI Roz Huntley to discuss her interview with AC-12. MANEET WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! For me, Maneet has been this brilliant officer who helps Steve with whatever he needs and she’s shown herself to be reliable; remember in Series 3 when DI Cottan was using Maneet to get ahead of the game, she was just following orders and when DC Kate Fleming was chasing after Cottan, Maneet was there supporting the whole operation. Even in this episode, Maneet delivers the anomaly in KRG-13 to Superintendent Hastings. But I cannot theorise as to what Maneet is doing.

She can’t be involved with Roz’s plans around the sexism accusations because I don’t think they’ve even met before and so Maneet and Hilton must have some history or Hilton has leverage over Maneet. And why is Hilton so intent on trying to shut down AC-12, is Hilton trying to cover something up? Providing Roz with the information on Lindsay Denton added much power to her argument and I think this Hilton character is dangerous.

I recall very little about Hilton but if Hilton is Balaclava Man, then getting close to Roz is a perfect plan to frame Roz’s husband Nick, although it still doesn’t explain whether she got her wound from FC Tim Ifield. Roz’s infected wound on her arm leads her to hide her arm under the desk during the interview and she turns over documents with her right hand only – why is it only viewers at home that are noticing this?!

In spite of all these main characters who we suspect, like Jimmy Lakewell and Nick Huntley, the latter of whom I believe to be Balaclava Man, I think it’s about time we discuss DC Jodie Taylor and DC Jamie Desford. Jamie, or James if you want to annoy him, was so unprepared in his first interview and then he made that Freudian slip which Roz latched onto. There’s something suspicious about him and he was a very late and sudden addition to the team, so I think something’s up with him.

Jodie is an intriguing character to me. She’s very minor in the whole storyline yet she manages to always alert Roz to anything that is remotely suspicious such as Kate looking into the KRG-13 evidence. She is clearly a reliable officer much like Maneet but is she helping cover something up or just incredibly loyal? I can’t tell yet but it wouldn’t surprise me if Jodie was pivotal in next episode’s cliffhanger.

What do you think about what I’ve said, do you agree with any of it? What’s going to happen next week, will we find out more about Maneet’s betrayal and what’s going to be the next plot twist? Let me know your thoughts!

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