Welcome to Musings of a Maths Student


I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about a new post before! I’d like to officially welcome you to Musings of a Maths Student. This is my second blog and I’m going to talking about anything I want to and when I want to. Compared to my other blog Andrew in the Kitchen, there is going to be hardly any mention of food on this blog, although I’m sure you understand that I will be linking back to it a lot!

Having a food blog for over 2 years has been brilliant and it’s given me so many fantastic opportunities and pushed me to be very creative in the kitchen! As I’ve grown on social media, I’ve met lots of brilliant people who I’m sure are probably reading this post and supporting me in this new endeavour so hello again!

Musings of a Maths Student is a bit of a mouthful but coming up with a new blog name which is self-explanatory and encapsulated the whole point of this second blog which is to be more personal was not easy, however Musings of a Maths Student seemed to stick for me.

I am not ditching Andrew in the Kitchen by the way. My main passion still lies in baking and sharing recipes but there are so many things that I want to talk about that I personally don’t feel that I can over on AITKitchen, for the simple reason that I, very early on, created distance between the blog and my personal life. Since then, I haven’t ever felt I could speak from a personal point of view (apart from one time) but also calling myself a food blogger meant I felt that I had to post food-related content only.

There have been many times where I wanted to talk about non-food related stuff but it would be very jarring on AITKitchen and so here we are now on MoaMS where I can talk about whatever I want. I don’t want to call myself a lifestyle or fashion blogger because that is very limiting. MoaMS is basically a bit of an online journal/diary. I might share what music I’m listening to or what clothes I wear to uni that day but I’m not going to pressure myself into posting to a schedule either; I’m a free blogger! (But I won’t work for free, if any PR start getting any ideas).

I think that I will be posting much more frequently on MoaMS than AITKitchen simply because most of the posts will be a bit shorter and less demanding in content, by which I mean I won’t need to test out recipes more than once when I’m talking about a song that I listened to that week or a TV show or Youtube video I watched.

I’m really excited to start posting on MoaMS properly and I’ve got lots of posts stockpiled in my documents from when I just wanted to write something! I’ll see you soon for my first proper blogpost here on Musings of a Maths Student!

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