Listening to… ‘As I Lay Me Down’ – Wiktoria

One of the favourites going into the final of Melodifestivalen, the Swedish selection show for their Eurovision act, was ‘As I Lay Me Down’ by Wiktoria. Ending up in 6th place overall, this radio friendly song has country and folk elements whilst still remaining current and firmly in 2017.

In her performance at the Melodifestivalen semi-final, Wiktoria starts off in a grey dress in a dark background with flashes of red and purple clouds behind her. Then she steps up onto this massive bed with a LED screen on it, heading into the chorus spinning around with the effects. It makes another appearance later don’t worry! Walking down towards the end of the stage, Wiktoria works her way through another verse before doing some smizing at the camera and clicking through the chorus. More spinning with the lights and then she makes her way to sit on the edge of the bed before she finally lays down. She takes a star from the LED screen in her hand before it releases as a storm of red, blue and purple lights. Wiktoria wakes up like she’s missed her alarm and stands on her bed belting out the final my oh my’s of the song.

The song is immensely catchy and I’ve found myself tapping my foot along with it anytime I listen to it, or at least clicking in time with Wiktoria like at 1:22. In fact this chorus is by far my most loved part of the song and performance. The backing vocals are deep and rich and contrast so perfectly with Wiktoria’s vocals and I really cannot help but click, clap or tap along, it’s just so bloody catchy!!

The song has instant charm and Wiktoria’s clear vocals mean you can sing along fairly easily by the end, at least on the my oh my sections. It’s slick and the song passes by so quickly that I frequently just have it on repeat and I don’t get sick of it whatsoever.

What did you think of ‘As I Lay Me Down’? What were your first impressions of the song?  Let me know!!

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