Watching… Kat and Alfie: Redwater

WARNING *contains spoilers*

Kathleen (Kat) and Alfie Moon were once at home behind the bar in the Queen Vic, they won a million pounds on a scratchcard from the Minute Mart back in E20 Albert Square and then Kat found out that she gave birth to a son who was adopted by an Irish family. The village of Redwater is supposedly where Kat’s son resides, after finding a postcard saying he is safe and well from over 30 years ago. Kat and Alfie: Redwater is a brand new BBC One series featuring the much loved characters from Eastenders and exploring the nuances of their characters of which Eastenders may have only scratched the surface.

Kat and Alfie still have that spark and chemistry between them which made them such popular people not only in Albert Square but also on our screens. They arrive with a plan to stay low and fit in but Kat being Kat just can’t resist taking an interest in Andrew and believing that he is her son. Her strange behaviour doesn’t go unnoticed by Agnes leading her to believe that Kat eloped with Alfie.

Kat reveals to Lance her intentions for visiting Redwater and after taking yet another look at Andrew (come on Kat, at least make it discreet!), Lance reveals to Agnes why the Moons are in Redwater. It is rather suddenly revealed that the priest Dermott is in fact Kat’s son and after Lance tells Dermott, things take an unexpected dark turn as Dermott brutally drowns Lance at his morning swim and the episode ends with his body floating in the sea, harking back to the opening of the episode set in 1994 when he let his adopted mum drown.

Redwater feels very disconnected from Eastenders which is a good thing; the only connection with Walford are Kat and Alfie. This allows the show to take a different angle but it may be hard for non-Eastenders viewers to connect with Kat and Alfie as they do refer to previous parts of their characters like Alfie’s brain tumour causing him to have visions. Despite this, it has its own cast and storyline; we won’t be seeing Dermott in Walford any time soon!

Kat seems out of place in the Redwater community but she also fits in however she is unaware of the darkness that the village holds. Yet her vulnerability may indeed be her downfall. Her front is easily broken down, especially without the heavy makeup and leopard print clothes that was so closely associated with Kat in Eastenders, and when she first sees Andrew, she gets lost and fixated on him, unaware that her own son Dermott, who sat across her from the table in the pub and rescued Alfie from the cliff, is right there in front of her.

But Kat’s son is a killer! A killer priest at that! Dermott seemed to do no wrong with his likeability shining through but the revelation that Kat is his birth mother pushes him over the edge (instead of rescuing Alfie from the cliff edge). It’s only a question of time before Kat moves on her search from Andrew and finds out Dermott is her son. Just how many more secrets does Dermott have and is he a loose cannon? How will Dermott act with Kat now he knows he is her son? Is Dermott evil at heart (he let his mother drown over 20 years ago after all) or does he act out rashly in times of adversity?

Also can we talk about him pouring away that orange juice? The whole concept of using bottles of orange juice as a symbol is slightly bonkers and yet it’s also ridiculously clever. I want to know what orange juice means to him and why he hates it so much? I can’t even begin to theorise what it means but this vitamin C filled drink will continue to be a part of the Redwater series.

I enjoyed the first episode of Redwater very much, and I feel like I was moving through the same peaks and troughs that I felt when I watched Line of Duty. The direction that Alfie’s story has been taken means little to us now but his visions could cause drama and huge amounts of tension later in the series. It seems that everyone in Redwater has their own secrets, some of which we won’t get to see for a while. Kat and Alfie are the talk of the village and that won’t be a positive thing! I’m excited to continue to watch Redwater over the next few weeks and find out more about this little Irish village!

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