Watching… Big Brother Fight Night 2017

In a dramatic twist to this series of Big Brother, the house ERUPTED in one of the biggest arguments in Big Brother history. An already fraught house divided into two groups of Raph, Chanelle, Hannah, Deborah and Isabelle against Lotan, Ellie, Charlotte, Joe, Tom, Kieran and Savannah was sent into absolute chaos which led to Lotan being removed from the house and ALL housemates being put up for eviction this week.

It seems rather sad to be analysing Big Brother Fight Night 2017 which was full of emotion, drama and anger and yet simultaneously uncomfortable and amazing to watch but since Big Brother is all about psychology and observing how people act/react, I thought I’d analyse each person in turn to determine who was “right” and “wrong” in this argument.

In summary, the argument started after Isabelle said that Lotan is “meant to be a role model to [his] son” after which he angrily threw a drink across the room over several housemates. Housemates reacted to his actions and after returning from the diary room, Deborah tried to talk to Lotan. As Tom took Lotan back to the diary room at the request of Big Brother, Ellie tried to prevent Deborah from talking to Lotan, herself getting involved in the argument. Housemates split the two up, who are positioned at the top of the stairs and by the sofas and security were called to the house to calm the situation.

Lotan WAS rightfully removed from the house. In the past several days, he has made numerous derogatory comments about women, Isabelle in particular. One such occurrence was from inside the diary room when he described Isabelle as “ugly, orange (in reference to her tan) and disgusting.” Everything that Lotan has done/said to Isabelle is the sign of a bully: “can you stop speaking” and “yuck” being two examples. Then after the incident in the episode, he said that “I will destroy her physically and mentally.” After Kayleigh was removed for threatening to attack Chanelle with a sharp object earlier in the series, it was right that Lotan be removed for such a comment, whether he meant it in jest or not however he is a man who is much larger in size compared to Isabelle and he already had a warning regarding threatening and intimidating behaviour. Moreover Lotan doesn’t seem to recognise he caused the argument after saying that “this is the craziest house I’ve ever seen”, which speaks volumes of his self-loving narcissistic character that came across.

Isabelle’s comment about Lotan being a role model to his son has been perceived by many as going too personal. When Rebecca earlier in the series asked whether Joe would speak to his daughter in the same way as how he spoke to her, people took that as personal. In both instances, I believe that it was not personal as such; using a comment in this way is a powerful device to inform the other person that firstly their behaviour/words/actions are not acceptable and are used to make the other person consider how their behaviour/words/actions make someone else feel. What’s more, Lotan cannot say that discussing his son is personal when all he can say about Isabelle is something which mocks her appearance. Frankly Lotan’s actions after Isabelle’s comment do indeed call into question whether he can be seen as a role model.

Ellie is Lotan’s friend in that house and rightly so, she tried to defend him. However we’ve seen how in the house, Lotan does not care for Ellie in the way that she cares for him and it’s made her come across as desperate. She went in as an early favourite but people have gone off of her and after tonight, I have too. You cannot say that you felt intimidated after you openly shouted for Deborah to hit you at the bottom of the stairs and shouted “go on then, hit me” at the top of the stairs and then go into the diary room and laugh about it. Ellie certainly fuelled this argument further than it needed to and after Hannah and Deborah leave the stairs, she cries into Lotan’s arms showing just how much she depends on him.

Deborah and Hannah have already come under fire on social media with a race row about being branded aggressive. The sisters were aggressive last night but as were so many housemates so we’ll leave it at that. Hannah and Deborah were hit with Lotan’s drink and rightly so, they were angry about that. Deborah and Hannah tried to make Lotan see sense as to what he did and after he left and they tried to continue the conversation, Ellie tried to block them after which they started to argue with her. I don’t think they tried to be violent with any housemate, in fact Ellie tried to provoke violence out of them but Hannah was visibly angry with various housemates and both Hannah and Deborah were definitely fuelling the argument by being loud. However Hannah and Deborah later recognised that everything went too far and that speaks volumes about their personalities.

Perhaps the most surprising character in this fiasco was Raph. Raph was an absolute star in the situation, trying to hold back Chanelle after Lotan throws the drink and then racing up the stairs to prevent Deborah from getting to Ellie, whether she intended to or not. What’s interesting to see in the whole thing is Raph’s reaction after everything on the stairs; he seems visibly upset and uncomfortable about the whole thing and who wouldn’t be?. After Deborah threatens to leave the house in the garden, he again seems upset and tries to stop her leaving. Raph by far came out the strongest character from the argument. He showed wonderful strength of character on the stairs calmly asking both Ellie and Hannah to stop; he knows what Chanelle is like and tries to grab around her to stop her from moving into the living room when the situation escalates; good on you Raph. He might not be the biggest male in that house but he is the strongest mentally and by far the most intelligent.

Unlike Kieran. Where was Kieran in all of this? Standing at the bottom of the stairs with a drink in his hand trying to tell people to calm down. I’m sorry but Kieran came across terribly here. Put the drink down and try to separate Ellie and Deborah instead of shouting “calm down” which, when others are shouting louder than you, is not going to work. Sorry but Kieran should have done more.

Charlotte admirably tried to separate Ellie and Deborah (which is more than Kieran did) but went down in my estimations when she was laughing with Ellie about feeling intimidated. I think that we also saw that Chanelle’s loudness escalated the situation and introduced more chaos. She did, however, rightfully stand up for Isabelle when the other housemates targeted her. Chanelle has good intentions; she tried to defend Isabelle but she does it in a foolish way which fuels others to become hostile.

Intriguingly, Savannah and Isabelle were nowhere to be seen in the argument. Although Isabelle caused the argument, as Chanelle rightly recognised, the argument was a culmination of everything that happened up to that point. The house was totally divided into two camps and will probably now be divided even further.

As I say, Lotan was rightfully removed from the house however I do think that there should be warnings from Big Brother for Hannah, Ellie and Deborah too. Ellie cannot say she was victimised after saying “go on then, hit me” and Hannah and Deborah’s actions could be seen as aggressive and threatening. Whilst this was an uncomfortable watch live, this will go down in TV history much like the first ‘Fight Night’ back in the early series and Kim Woodburn’s argument with Jamie O’Hara in the celebrity series earlier this year with her “chicken-livered bugger” and “you’re an adulterer” comments.

I’ve seen people go to defend Lotan and say that he shouldn’t have been removed from the house for throwing a drink, especially since Chanelle only got a warning from doing a similar thing in the Kayleigh incident. The fact of the matter is that Lotan had been bullying Isabelle for the duration her time in the house, repeatedly mocking her tan and appearance, as well as being violent as we saw in the diary room and he already had a warning for intimidating behaviour.

Everything that Isabelle has said about Lotan has been completely spot on and he seemed to be completely incapable of handling harsh truths. Some of them may have gone too far but he probably thought he was untouchable in that house and yet in the space of a few days, he has been brought down many notches.

What will be interesting to see is the fallout from this event; how will Tom and Kieran act now that they do not have the stronger of their “lads, lads, lads” trio; will Ellie realise the errors of her ways and begin to change; now that all housemates are up for eviction, will we see the increasingly unpopular Tom (aka Extra Small) leave on Thursday and see the demise of the clique? We’ll have to wait and see.

Big Brother is on Channel 5 at 10pm weekdays, 9pm weekends and the live eviction is on Thursday at 9pm.

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