My name is Andrew and I’m currently in my first year studying Mathematics at the University of Nottingham. Some of you may already know of me through my food blog Andrew in the Kitchen and that’s doing brilliantly well as it approaches its third birthday!

I have found that I have a lot that I want to write about as a blogger and yet it’s hard to do that without having an outlet to do it. I’d love to talk about why I chose to dye my hair, discuss my university experiences and offer my tips for future first year students and how some of my friendships have broken down and how they have really affected me but I created a distance from my personal life and the food blog for a reason and I didn’t want to bring that to AITKitchen. The content felt jarring and it wouldn’t be right.

I have so many saved posts on my phone and laptop and I have always wanted somewhere to write them and now my second blog, Musings of a Maths Student, is the home to all my other non-food thoughts! I can’t say that I am going to specialise in lifestyle, fashion or literature because quite frankly I have no idea what I will talk about here. I hope that you enjoy my musings!

Andrew, a maths student who likes words!